We offer our students an opportunity to learn and practice at least one musical instrument of their choice during their formative years. At present, the available musical instruments are the keyboard and the drums. Dance sessions, aimed to teach Bharatanatyam, are on the anvil. The Room has also scope for introducing varied forms of expression in drawing and painting.


Fun Activity Zone

Here is where either a lonely Mont kid or a small group of bubbly toddlers can experience joyful activities. The children feel free to stride, jump, run, chase, duck, dance and practise all sorts of movements in this wonderful zone of fun. This zone of merry-making pursuits is stocked with safe and attractive toys and playthings.


Separate play areas for Montessori, Primary and Secondary sections are maintained in the campus. The Mont kids have an attractive and colourful outdoor multi play station erected in their play area. In-door games such as carrom and chess are encouraged. Coaching in Yoga, Silambam, karate and skating is conducted in the school. Kho Kho, Tennikoit, throw ball and volleyball are also practised in the school.



We live in a world of distractions. More and more these days, kids seem unable to focus on anything for any decent length of time. Yoga can help with that. It teaches kids to be present, and to concentrate and focus on their breathing. Yoga teaches acceptance and tolerance of others. They are more likely to be positive and optimistic about life and their abilities, and will hopefully be less likely to succumb to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues that are so prevalent today. 

We have a conductive environment for learning Yoga. Our students have achieved lots of glory and have left their mark in the field of activity which is amply demonstrated by the titles won by them.