We strongly believe that an educational institution is complete only when it has a good, well-stocked library. We also believe that education is complete only when it inculcates and sustains good reading habits. On the lines of this perception, we have a well-lit and ventilated library. It has two sections: a spacious reading room and an equally large room in which books are housed under various subject heads.

  • The reading room contains a good number of magazines and the library has the latest books on various subjects. The reference section has encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, etc. A collection of audio-video CDs and DVDs is also maintained.
  • In addition, class libraries are maintained in each classroom. Students are trained in cataloguing, classifying and preserving books. Each student is encouraged to read at least one book per week at home.
  • A computer section is on the cards so that digitalization and availability of online journals can be planned effectively.


  • Our Computer Lab has, at present, 20 desktop PCs with advanced features and configuration. All the PCs are networked and have access to the internet. The young learners in the Primary and Secondary Sections can surf the internet in order to find relevant materials for their assignments and projects. The curriculum followed in the school has provision for computer education from Grade 1 to 8.
  • The computer lab is also equipped with language learning software. Our students learn communicative English and learn to develop their listening and speaking skills making use of computers.


The laboratory for Physical Sciences has two sections: for Physics and Chemistry. The required lab equipment and consumable articles have been provided. The lab has an excellent atmosphere for students to hone their scientific skills. The math lab section contains manipulative, measuring instruments, tables and charts.



The laboratory for Biological Sciences has two sections: one for Botany and another for Zoology. The required lab equipment, charts, models and slides have been provided. The lab has an excellent atmosphere for students to hone their scientific skills.


A separate lab for teaching mathematics skills functions under that guidance of our math teachers. Provision has been made to teach mathematics interestingly and creatively.


Good communication skills are indispensable role for the achievement of any professional. The language laboratory plays a vital role in the language learning practice. It is a technological assist for learning and has a number of advanced facilities that can help a student to learn a language with proficiency to communicate. Our school has well equipped Language Laboratory. The multiplication Hi-tech Language Laboratory allows the students to listen to model pronunciation based on phonetics sounds, check their performance and again they listen, compare with the RP model and do self – assessment.



“Start Unknown Finish Unforgettable”

Sports and physical education are an integral part of the curriculum at Wisdom Vidhyashram International School. Our modern sports infrastructure enables and supports students to excel in the sport of their choice. Games and sports paves way for the involvement of mentally balanced youth with team spirit and sound emotional health, under qualified guidance and supervision, of the best Physical Training Instructors. Our students have been actively participating in various district, state and national level competitions where they have won numerous awards.



Any multipurpose space should be able to handle a wide range of functions. This hall has been designed with sound and lighting systems. It has acoustically treated walls and ceilings. It is technologically integrated and easily maintained.

As a great multipurpose space, the hall satisfies the needs of its assigned function – be it multimedia presentations, stage and musical productions or physical education.

It’s a fully air conditioned structure that has been conceptually blueprinted to distinguish it from the rest of the institution. The distinctive feature of this space lies in its various levels being utilized for different purposes.

The ground floor is used as an auditorium of the school. It has the capacity to accommodate more than 250 people.